Met Office 7-day weather forecast for Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole




Heavy rain

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 10 °C
  • Minimum nighttime temperature: 8 °C

Monday 4 December


Light rain

Light rain changing to overcast by lunchtime

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 10 °C
  • Minimum nighttime temperature: 4 °C

Tuesday 5 December



Overcast changing to clear by early evening

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 7 °C
  • Minimum nighttime temperature: 0 °C

Wednesday 6 December



Mist changing to cloudy by late morning

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 9 °C
  • Minimum nighttime temperature: 8 °C

Thursday 7 December


Heavy rain

Heavy rain changing to cloudy by nighttime

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 12 °C
  • Minimum nighttime temperature: 10 °C

Friday 8 December


Light shower (day)

Cloudy changing to light rain by late morning

  • Maximum daytime temperature: 11 °C
  • Minimum nighttime temperature: 8 °C

Saturday 9 December




  • Maximum daytime temperature: 11 °C
  • Minimum nighttime temperature: 8 °C

As an exposed coastal town, on a small island called Great Britain which sits at the confluence of six weather fronts, Bournemouth is ever susceptible to temperamental weather conditions.

We never know if tomorrow will bring rain or shine – a typical day sees a bit of both, but it’s also not unusual to wait a several days for either.

UK Weather Fronts

Introducing the new Bournemouth Weather Wizard

Weather forecasts help us see what to expect, but they’re far from perfect. Different sources often contradict each other, so Bournemouth Weather Wizard aggregates key data from all the main forecast providers to bring to you what we believe is the most complete & unbiased Bournemouth weather forecast on the internet today.

Winter is coming back around… Are you ready?

Bournemouth Snow

Being on the south coast of England makes Bournemouth one of the warmest & sunniest towns in the UK. But clear sunny skies are far from guaranteed, even in summer time.

Last winter, we had snow throughout the UK, even in Bournemouth for the first time in many years. Summer 2023 had its hot and cold moments. This winter could easily be another very cold one.

How to prepare for another freezing cold winter

  • Clothing is your first line of defence from the elements (externally). Invest in high quality Winter Thermals.
  • Food and Fuel are great investments too, with prices continuing to rise, and supply chains unreliable in recent years.
  • You may also be interested in Off Grid preparations, since the electric grid is a bit shaky too. Let’s not be surprised by untimely outages during the chilling depths of winter this year.