Royal Alpaca Wool Trousers

These royal alpaca sweatpants / jogging bottoms by Arms of Andes come in a range of weights, sizes and colours. Stock permitting – check their EU site as well as their US site and their Etsy store.

They’re also offered as leggings without pockets, in full length and 3/4 length.

Sizing is generous and flexible – no need to size up.

Colours include undyed white as well as plant-dyed grey (eucalyptus) and plant-dyed blue (indigo). If going plant-dyed, it has less colourfastness, so run it through the wash a few times before wearing else it’s liable to stain your other clothes and skin.

These joggers are incredibly warm for their weight, and are very comfortable too. They serve fantastically well as thermal long-johns or pyjamas, to wear in bed or underneath other trousers on a cold winter’s day or night. They also make decent casual outerwear, but are worth protecting, so save them for what they are best at.

Since 2023 the elastic waistbands & ankles are made from natural rubber & cotton for a more comfortable stretch and less pollution.