Silk Bedding – Flat Sheets & Pillowcases

Silk is the softest, most bio-compatible natural fabric – ideal for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Although it’s super delicate – vulnerable to moisture, sunlight and abrasion – if you look for denser silks they won’t deteriorate so easily.

Mulberry Park Silks

Mulberry Park Silks sell undyed (ivory coloured) silk sheets individually at a density of 22 Momme (upper average). They also do duvet covers and robes at 22 Momme thick.

But if you’re happy to buy a full set of sheets, they come as dense as 30 Momme (exceptionally thick). Pillowcases are also sold separately in weights up to 30 Momme.

30 Momme is far heavier and more durable than most silk bedding on the market, so it should be no surprise that these products have heavy price tags to match.

Genuine 6A yarn

Silk is often graded on a scale of 6A to F, with 6A being the finest grade on the market. But we rarely see products sold as anything other than 6A – this is partly because a lot of silk products are fraudulently mislabelled, and it’s not easy for the consumer to detect this.

One way around this problem of finding genuine 6A graded silk, is to focus on density instead.

Most decent silk bedding is 19 to 22 Momme in density. 22 Momme is above average, and 30 Momme is exceptional.

Mulberry Park Silks (USA) do bedding up to 30 Momme thick, and Melissa Coupe (London) make pillowcases 40 Momme thick.

Due to the extra cost in material and machinery to create these denser silk fabrics, you can expect these producers to have also invested in sourcing genuine 6A graded yarns from reliable suppliers, not just for their densest products but for their lighter weight options too.