Linen Bedding – Flat Sheets & Pillowcases

Being more breathable and quicker drying than cotton, these undyed linen flat sheets are ideal for those hot & sweaty nights where you want to stay cool & fresh but still have enough bedding to sleep comfortably.

Being more durable than cotton too, they make a great investment.

A linen sheet can also be worn on the body – tied at the waist like a skirt or kilt, or thrown over the shoulders like a cape for example.

Linen feels far cooler than wool, and without the static electric too – very friendly to the touch – ideal for summertime at home.

Single is plenty big enough for most individuals – bearing in mind smaller means easier to wash & dry.

Secret Linen Store

The Secret Linen Store offers a wide range of natural (undyed) pure linen bedding including flat sheets ranging from Single size all the way up to Emperor size.


Linenshed offers a similar range of sizes at slightly higher prices. They do Single size sheets all the way up to Emperor size sheets.


If you require custom sizes, 3HLinen may be able to help. They offer various linen bedding options, including unusually smaller sizes for babies and children, and reasonably priced custom sizes for any other need.