Linen Hankies & Headscarves

Pocket squares, neckties and headscarves are not just fashion accessories. These were all originally multifunctional pieces of cloth ready to serve vital hygiene and first-aid functions.

Classically stored in the left chest pocket of one’s shirt or coat – this helps the handkerchief stay clean away from dirty coins, keys and hands in other pockets. It can then be used as a clean facecloth or hankie for yourself or anyone else in need.

Larger handkerchiefs, neckerchiefs and bandanas are especially useful, since they also make great bandages or slings for example. They even make good sock replacements, for those familiar with footwraps.

Rawganique make some decent pure undyed, unbleached woven linen hankies. They’re just about big enough to tie around one’s neck like a cravat, by folding diagonally then tying the remaining (diagonally opposite) distant corners.