Natural Wardrobe

Browse our selection of outstanding natural clothing items from around the world. Utilising different natural materials to cover different seasons and conditions.

Winter Woollieswarm & water-resistant

These natural thermal clothes will keep you warm whatever the weather. They’re made from the finest grades of alpaca – the warmest mass-produced wool in the world. They’re as soft & hypoallergenic as cashmere, and more durable than merino. Quite water resistant, but can be soaked if persistent. Wool is also highly anti-fungal and mildly flame-retardant. Synthetic fabrics can only dream of attaining this kind of performance.

Alpaca Blankets & Throws

This could be the simplest but most important item in your wardrobe. A pure alpaca wool blanket or throw.

Sleep in it, or wear it in a pinch – it will keep you surprisingly warm.

Brown alpaca wool blanket

Royal Alpaca Trousers

These thermal trousers are incredibly warm and cosy. They serve well as pyjamas or long-johns, to wear in bed or underneath other trousers in winter.

They come in a range of weights, sizes and colours, including undyed and plant-dyed options.

Alpaca wool trousers

Luscious Linens – breathable & durable

Flax linen is more skin-friendly than wool – arguably even cotton, since it has no static charge and is more cooling on the skin due to its outstanding breathability. It’s almost as soft as cotton, but is far more durable (providing the stitching is up to scratch).

Linen is exceptionally breathable, so it makes great cooling underwear, pyjamas or loungewear – ideal for warm weather, or for use in combination with thermal layers during colder seasons.

Linen also makes great towels, and skin-friendly bedding (just add thermal layers as needed).

Linen flat sheet

Linen Sheets & Bedding

Being more breathable and quicker drying than cotton, these undyed linen flat sheets are ideal for those hot & sweaty nights where you want to stay cool & fresh but still have enough bedding to sleep comfortably.

Undyed Linen Hankies

Linen Hankies & Headscarves

Pocket squares, neckties and headscarves are not just fashion accessories. These were all originally multifunctional clean cuts of cloth ready to serve vital hygiene and first-aid functions.

Silky Silkssuper soft & sensitive

Silk is the most delicate natural fabric in our wardrobe. It’s vulnerable to moisture, sunlight and abrasion. But what it lacks in durability, it makes up for in softness. Since silk is made of proteins and is also non-linting, it’s super soft & bio-compatible – ideal for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Although it’s super delicate, if you look for denser silks they won’t deteriorate so easily. We only recommend the finest-quality thick silks, so they last long enough to be a sensible investment.

Silk Sheets & Bedding

Browse our range of recommended silk sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, gowns and more.

Featuring bedding as dense as 30-40 Momme for maximum quality & durability.

Silk flat sheet