Frozen Foods

Frozen foods can maintain a good level of freshness and nutritional value indefinitely, however, they depend on a constant flow of electricity to keep the temperature below zero. If anything should happen to your electricity supply, it could waste the entire contents of your freezer overnight. So tread carefully when investing in frozen food supplies. Consider also investing in backup power systems capable of keeping key appliances running in case of short-term grid disruptions.

Recommended frozen foods to buy online

Cashew Nut Milk Icecream 465ml by Booja Booja

These icecreams boast fairly clean & short lists of ingredients. Far healthier than any dairy or soya based icecreams we’ve found. Not only suitable for vegans, but containing precious creamy texture & nutrients not easily found in other clean vegan-friendly foods.


Their only intrinsic downside seems to be their high processed sugar content (diabetics beware) since their recent change of ingredients (late Spring 2023) where their sweetener agave syrup was replaced with table sugar partly for economic reasons (to the dissatisfaction of many loyal customers). This coincided with a change of packaging, a downsizing of the larger tubs from 500ml to 465ml, a release of some new flavours, and a discontinuation of others.

These icecreams are not what they used to be, but they are still the best we’ve found commercially available throughout the UK.

Beware of the smaller containers as they lack plastic seals on top so are consistently tasting unfresh and you never know if they’ve been tampered with between being originally packed and reaching your hands.

Also beware of poor stockists and poor delivery services, as they often melt in transit or in dodgy in-store freezers and they react with their then-soggy cardboard containers, then even if they’re refrozen they taste terribly off forever after.


Balance textures and make it go further, by eating icecream in combination with freshly baked cakes or pastries.


Booja Booja’s official website – find your local stockists listed here

Ocado – delivers some flavours, reliably to most addresses in the UK

VeganKind – delivers to addresses where Ocado doesn’t, for example in Swanage, although they use standard couriers without freezer vans, and their insulated packaging is sometimes insufficient to prevent total melting & write-off.

Best flavours

  1. Mango & Raspberry – this is a new concept of 2023, where puréed mango is blended seamlessly with the base cashew milk icecream. The result is a slightly different texture, and it works fantastically. The splashings of raspberry syrup may be too sweet are a nice touch – not too little or too much, although it may push the product’s sweetness over the edge for some people.
  2. Caramel Pecan Praline – this is a combination of their old Caramel Pecan Praline and Honeycomb Caramel flavours. The Pecan was a huge success and the Honeycomb didn’t work, but combining them is not a bad move, it works really well, makes it continually interesting.
  3. Chocolate Fudge Brownie – similar to their other cholate options, but a bit smoother with its base, and more interesting with its bits & bobs. It contains some of the goo from the old & new Chocolate Salted Caramel flavours, plus some of the hard chocolate chunks found in all the new chocolate varieties.

Honourable mentions go to the old Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut flavours which were both great but have been discontinued. The Hazelnut won’t be terribly missed but the Mint will be.