Prepper Pantry

These are our most highly recommended food & drink supplies to stock up on now.

Evian water in glass bottles

Still Mineral Water in Glass Bottles

Clean water is one of the most important things to store in your prepper pantry, unless you live within easy reach of a clean & reliable natural water source.

Freeze-Dried Foods

Freeze-dried food is compact and lightweight, thus highly portable, and is easily rehydrated by adding hot or cold water and waiting a few minutes, to create palatable food that’s about as fresh-tasting and nutritious as wet canned food.

Expedition Foods rolled oats

Booja Booja ice cream

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods can maintain a good level of freshness and nutritional value indefinitely, however, they depend on a constant flow of electricity to keep the temperature below zero.

Green Giant organic sweetcorn

Canned Foods

Like most starchy staples, these have a narrow nutrient profile but are a fairly clean source of slow-burn energy. Not as healthy as fresh or frozen, but one of the next best options.

Himalayan pink salt rocks

Himalayan Pink Salt Rocks

Salt is a timeless, universally appreciated commodity. It’s been a key nutritional supplement since records began. It’s also a powerful preservative, and a cleanser of astringent wild edibles.

Raw Honey

Honey is not just a novel alternative to refined sugar. Some people claim it contains all the nutrients we need to sustain life.

Raw honey is also a preservative – it contains outstanding antiseptic properties making it useful in extending the life of various fresh foods as well sanitising & healing wounds.

Hilltop honey