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Recommended hotel-booking networks

Here at when we travel around the UK we personally use a lot, as well as Airbnb and Travelodges. Aside from these we rarely use any other hotel services, except when we have very specific requirements that we’re struggling to satisfy via these networks, in which case we might then contact certain independent hotels directly. network is one of the most popular hotel booking websites in the world – they’re number 1 on many lists including ours. They offer one of most comprehensive ranges of immediately bookable hotels in the UK via their website, including a lot of conventional hotels, as well as a lot of serviced apartments, and increasingly lately they offer a lot of Airbnb style pads with self-checkin via lockbox code.

Airbnb network

While there is some duplication between what you see on Airbnb and as many landlords list their vacant homes on multiple websites, there are still plenty of accommodation options found exclusively on Airbnb including individual spare rooms in occupied homes as well as fully furnished & functioning empty houses & apartments, so it’s well worth checking out. They’ve got a very comprehensive range of accommodation options around the world, including throughout the UK, not least in Bournemouth & Dorset. They’ve got very expensive options as well as very cheap options and last-minute listings for those who need a good deal in a hurry – something for everyone.

Travelodge network

There are several Travelodge hotels to choose from around the Bournemouth & Poole area. Although some are slightly better than others, Travelodges are well known throughout the UK for maintaining consistently high standards in quality of service, cleanliness, wifi – everything.

They used to be famous for being extremely budget friendly, but these days they price themselves competitively yet not outstandingly.

Highly recommended if you need a reliable option and don’t know where to start. You can browse the Travelodge network for availability & pricing via their official site.

Caution: Beware of Travelodge’s premium-rate 0871 phone numbers – they are not compatible with free minutes allowances.

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