Different types of lighters have different pros & cons, so we recommend a few different types.

  1. The Soto Micro Torch (Vertical) packs a punch and is very user-friendly.
  2. The Exotac Titanlight lasts a lot longer between refills, and its fuel is well protected from evaporation between use.
  3. A disposable BIC in an Exotac FireSleeve makes a great backup option too.

Soto Micro Torch (Vertical)

The Soto Micro Torch is essentially a mini blowtorch – ideal as your most aggressive EDC lighter. Jet-flame torch lighters are not a new concept per se, but this particular model is far more robust and more beautifully designed than any previous model by Soto or any other brand we’ve found.

Their Horizontal version may seem more user friendly at first, but particularly with the closing of the cap after use, the Vertical version turns out to be more user friendly, plus it occupies less space in the pocket.

Turn it upside down to fill it up with a butane gas canister until you see the bubble reach the top. Rotate the base to increase or decrease the flame length.

When it’s very cold, it will struggle to burn, so keep it warm in your pocket, and have a standard BIC to fall back on.

Soto make various different models of torch lighter, including the Pocket Torch which fits a disposable lighter inside, and the Pocket Torch XT which has an extendible nozzle. But for total waterproof sealing and all-round durability for the outdoors, and a clean & tidy finish that looks really good, the Soto Micro Torch is their best model. It comes in Horizontal and Vertical versions – at first the Horizontal may seem best because you can hold it like a gun with nozzle pointing away, but the Vertical version may grow on you because it’s slightly lighter and more packable, and it’s easy to flick the cap back on one-handed without your hand going over the top – to fire it safely just angle it – you’ll get used to it. There’s a few popular colours to choose from, and there are further limited edition versions in olive or coyote with black metal and leather cases.

Soto Micro Torch - Vertical, Black