Transparent Dry Bags

Dry bags are a great way to organise all but the biggest, sharpest and heaviest equipment when camping. They’re great for packing fresh and frozen foods, clothing, toiletries, etc.

Some people preach “if it can go in a dry bag, it does go in a dry bag”.

But most dry bags are opaque. So some people colour code them, and some people add labels to help identify their contents. Enter transparent dry bags – they save all the fuss of identifying what’s in each bag.

Lomo transparent dry bag

by Lomo

Lomo specialises in watersports gear so it should come as no surprise that they make good dry bags. There are two sizes to choose from in their transparent Maxiview range: 3L and 6L.

The 3L bags are just about big enough to comfortably fit a toilet roll and a packet of wet wipes for example.

The 6L bags are ideal for organising clothing. For example, one bag can hold your underwear, another can hold your thermals, another can hold your raingear, another can hold your towels, etc.

by Silva

Silva is an outdoor gear company best known for their compasses, but they make good dry bags too.

Their 3L & 6L transparent TPU dry bags are twice the price of Lomo’s equivalents, but they make larger sizes too.

Their 12L, 24L & 36L sizes are particularly useful for those things that don’t quite fit in the smaller bags. Chunky bedding for example. Or large cooking equipment like pans, woks and grill plates.

Silva dry bag