Camping Corner

Transparent Dry Bags

Dry bags are a great way to organise equipment when camping. Especially fresh and frozen foods, clothing, toiletries, etc.

But most dry bags are opaque. So some people colour code them, and some people add labels to help identify their contents. Enter transparent dry bags.

Lomo transparent dry bag

Soto Micro Torch - Vertical, Black


Different types of lighters have different pros & cons, so we recommend a few different types.

  1. The Soto Micro Torch (Vertical) packs a punch and is very user-friendly.
  2. The Exotac Titanlight lasts a lot longer between refills, and its fuel is well protected from evaporation between use.
  3. A disposable BIC in an Exotac FireSleeve makes a great backup option too.

Weatherproof Tinders

  1. FireDragon Ethanol Gel – for easy extension of ignition source into a stable flame on any surface.
  2. Fatwood Sticks – ideal for dipping into ethanol gel, to easily transfer, extend & manipulate initial flame.
  3. Hell’s Fire Clay – for maximum ferocity once it gets going, this stuff burns like thermite!
FireDragon ethanol gel

Olight i5T EOS

Torches powered by AA & AAA batteries

1 x AA – Olight i5T EOS – a great torch for primary pocket-based EDC.

1 x AAA – Lumintop EDC01 – a great torch for backup pocket-based EDC.

2 x AA – Olight i5T Plus – keep this torch by your side at home and around camp.

Titanium Bottles & Flasks

Hip flasks don’t hold much, and they don’t fill or empty fast. But they can provide you with precious emergency supplies of good drinking water for those moments of need.

Titanium is fairly inert, compared to steel or aluminium for example. Drink connoisseurs observe it doesn’t noticeably taint the taste of one’s beverage like these other metals do.

Snow Peak Pocket Flask, Large